The Ditmar Family - Sally's "roots"

(Updated 05/23/2007)

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Nursing School

Graduation - 1969

Sally, Tom, Bob

Sally's brothers


Lois Ann Ditmar

June 4, 1943 -

November 6, 1943

Sally, Harriet, Mary

and Jerry Ditmar

Sally's step-mother, Dad &sister


Nancy &Bob, Sally & Lee,

Tom & Carol

Sally's brothers and sisters-in-law

June, 1998




Tom & Carol Ditmar

and Family

Sally's brother & sister-in-law,

nieces & nephews

"The Clan"

Back, L-R:  Brian, Nicholas, Shantina, Lee, Sally,

Dana, Mike, Dan (Sally's ex), Dan, Tara, Bryan

Front, L-R:  Brett, Matthew, Christian, Alex,

Bryce, Brandon (behind Bryce), Stacey, Adam

Sally's kids

L-R:  Brett, Dan (Sally's ex), Stacey

Brian, Dana, Tara and Sally





Jerry Ditmar

January 27, 1925 -

July 17, 1970

(Sally's Dad - always

in her heart)

Jerry & Norine's wedding

October 22, 1938

Sally's Mom and Dad

The Henry Ditmar Family

Back L-R:  Joanne, Joe, Henry II, Ernie,

Menno, Ed, Jerry, Eleanor

Front L-R:  Jean, Jack, Henry Sr., Sophie, Bill

Sally's Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles

Menno, Bill,

Jerry and Jean




L-R: Henry II & Ruth,

Bill & Harriet,

Bea & Menno,

Norine & Jerry

Sally's Aunts, Uncles

and parents - all deceased

Jerry & Norine

with Bob & Tom

Sally's Dad, Mom

and brothers

Bill & Eleanor Rushton wedding

Back L-R:  Jack, Joe & Dori, Ernie, Merrit Pierce, Julia VanDyke, Henry Sr., Joe VanDyke, Bill Rushton, Bea & Menno, Bill, Ed & Carol, Jerry, Henry II

Seated L-R: Joanne (wife of Jack), Dodie (wife of Ernie), Jean, Eleanor Rushton (wife of Bill Rushton), Joanne Pierce (wife of Merrit), Harriet (wife of Bill), Ruth (wife of Henry II)

The Ditmar Clan

Standing:  Henry II, Jack,

Joanne, Jerry, Eleanor, Joe

Seated: Menno, Jean, Bill

Front: Ed, Ernie





Uncle Bill &

Aunt Eleanor Rushton


Aunt Eleanor Rushton

Shawn & Jean Bea Consla

Jeannie is the daughter of

Bill & Eleanor Rushton

The Consla's

Jeannie, Roger Denslow &Shawn




Aunt Eleanor Rushton

Fall 2003

Jeannie & Shawn Consla

Fall 2003




Norine Margaret Hansen

October 22, 1916 -

October 25, 1957

Sally's Mom - gone but not forgotten

Margaret & Carl Hansen

Sally's grandparents

Carl Christian Hansen

Sally's Grandpa

Margaret Hallam Hansen

Sally's Grandma

Great Grandparents



Norine Hansen

Sally's Mom

Jack & Norine Hansen

Sally's Uncle and Mom

Dorothy Hansen and Jerry Ditmar

Sally's Aunt and Dad






Aunt Dorothy


Jim Hansen Don & Joyce (Hansen) Gridley    

Sally's cousins


In 1994, Sally completed a successful search for her biological "roots", through the Adoption Identity Movement (AIM) in Grand Rapids.  Although Sally's bio mother was already deceased, Sally met her bio father and one of her bio brothers later in 1994 (both bio brothers are full brothers, having the same bio parents as Sally). 




Owen Harvey Trumbull

April 6, 1918 -

October 23, 1999

Sally's biological father

David, Wilson & Owen Trumbull

Sally's bio father and brothers

Sally - 1959

See the resemblance to her bio brothers?  Amazing!

Wilson Lee Trumbull


Sally's bio brother

Marge Trumbull &

Howard Trumbull


(Owen's brother & sister)

Sally's bio Aunt and Uncle





Beverley Jean Cullen

February 1, 1921 - October 17, 1963

Sally's birth mother - and there

sure is no doubt about that!



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